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Useful features & to look out for when purchasing a water pump Follow

Here are some features and functions it might be useful to be familiar with when purchasing a Water Pump
  • Float switch - switches the pump on and off at pre-determined limits, enabling the pump to be left unattended during operation
  • Non-Return Valve – a valve designed to stop the already drained water running back down the pipe if the pump stops for some reason
  • Filter - keeps unwanted material from getting into the mechanism. 
  • Anti Silt Base - prevents submersible pump becoming clogged by taking in too much silt 
  • Overload Protection – protects the pump and engine
  • Mechanical Seal - keeps the water inside the pump. 
Here are some terms it is useful to know for some of the basic functions
  • Head - a word often used to describe pressure.
  • Cubic Centimetres (cc) - a unit used to measure the displacement of the engine
  • PSI - pounds per square inch – a measure of pressure
  • Submersible - the pump may be situated under the water to be pumped.
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