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Petrol rear tine tillers Follow

A petrol rear tine tiller
Petrol rear tine tillers are the largest and probably most comprehensive machines in the range of cultivators, tillers and rotavators.
They are built to tackle heavier ground and soils and for breaking up previously uncultivated ground such as lawns, turning it into cultivated beds or a working vegetable plot. 
Generally speaking, most petrol rear tine tillers have forward drives, some with more than one speed, two or even three. 
With petrol rear tine tillers the tines and blades turn anti-clockwise, with the curved part of the blades scooping into the soil, rather than rotating clockwise, with the curved blades cutting in to the soil from the front. 
This contra-rotation throws the soil forward so it is re-broken each time, creating a finer tilth, ideal for planting and seeding.
The contra-rotating tines also enable the tiller dig deeper and break up ground more effectively. 
Some petrol rear tine tillers have tines that can in fact revolve both ways, offering the ultimate in cultivation and enabling work of all kinds, including lighter, soil maintenance as well. 
Some models are even slim enough to work between rows like smaller electric and petrol tillers.
Petrol rear time tillers are self-propelled, with powerful petrol engines to drive both the wheels and the tines. The wheels are generally heavy duty with pneumatic tyres with grips for good traction. 
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