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What types of salt spreader are available? Follow

Salt spreaders generally come in two main categories: 
Broadcast Salt Spreaders: these distribute salts or ice melts with a wide pattern, spreading over a wide area.
Drop Salt Spreaders: these drop the material straight down between the wheels, keeping the distribution tight and straight.

Within the categories of Drop Salt Spreaders and Broadcast Salt Spreaders there are two other categories - 

Push-Type Salt Spreaders - with these you walk behind the Spreader walking at a brisk pace (usually around 3 MPH) to distribute in an even, but wide pattern. 

Tow-Behind Salt Spreaders - these will have a hitch pin or other form of connector and can be attached to the rear of ride-on mowers; ATVS and other vehicles distribute the material 
If you would like to view our full range of drop and broadcast salt spreaders, just click here - Salt Spreaders 
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