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Some useful advanced features to look out for in snow blowers Follow

These are features you would expect to find on more advanced models, but can be very useful and helpful
  • Variable speed control. This will assist in clearing snow efficiently.  Most snow blowers, other than very low-end versions will have some kind of multiple forward speed and probably at least one reverse. 
  • Electric starts for reliability and ease in very cold weather
  • Power steering for easy turns if the snow blower is heavy.
  • Single-hand control, so you can electrically or manually adjust the chute rotation or pitch without stopping.
  • Remote controlled snow exit chute rotation and pitch 
  • An extended chute which can throw the snow further  
  • Safety lock with a key to stop the snow blower starting by accident
  • LED headlamps for work in poor visibility
  • Ergonomic handles, adjustable to height
  • Heated handles for total operator comfort.

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