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Ride-on snow blowers Follow

These tend to be, rather than purpose built, tractors, ride-on mowers and similar multi-purpose vehicles which have snow blower attachments.

Ride-ons with snow blower attachments are usually very rugged with powerful engines and are built for tough, all weather operation.

These vehicles are often used by large-scale commercial enterprises like supermarkets, warehouses, large domestic properties or small estates and the larger versions will be found even at seaports, small airfields or even larger airports. 
The snow blower attachments that work with these vehicles are either single-stage or dual stage and are nearly always powered by link-up to the host vehicle.

Manufacturers creating these large and powerful ride-on snow blowers include Swedish snow experts Stiga. (See image below for an exampleIf you wish, you can see the range here Ride-on Snow Blowers 
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