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What types of garden trolley are available? Follow

Our Garden Trolleys are divided, roughly, into three types –
Rather like an all steel basket or a cage on wheels, these Garden Trolleys are very useful as they can be pulled along. They can carry large loads of several hundred kg . They often have drop down sides to make carrying long or wide material easier and wide, gripping pneumatic tyres. They have a tow hitch so can be can pulled behind a lawn tractor.
Dump Carts
Dump Carts are shaped rather like a wheelbarrow, but with four wheels. They have a hopper made of tough and durable, rust-resistant poly’ with a generous load capabilities. Like a dump truck, this type of Garden Trolley can be tipped, making unloading very easy. They can be pushed or pulled or attached to a lawn tractor. 
Sack Trucks
Sack Trucks are similar to retro style porter’s trolleys and are ideal for carrying stacks of blocks or sacks of cement, fertilizer or pellets without strain. Made of strong and powder-coated metal these Garden Trolleys are foldable, making storage and transport very easy. Robust pneumatic tyres help manoeuvrability and negotiation of steps and roller bearings are fitted for smoother motion and greater manoeuvrability.
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