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Why use a pressure washer? What's wrong with my hose? Follow

Of course, there is nothing remotely wrong with using your hose to clean your patio, decking etc.
However, you will find a pressure washer far more efficient and effective. Why? 

They are more effective and efficient because they exert considerably more pressure and cleaning power than simple hoses and use much less water. They scour dirt and stains from concrete and stone in a way a simple hose could never emulate, while saving on water. *

An ordinary hose will use roughly 3500 litres of water per hour producing only 4 bar of pressure, whereas in many cases pressure washers us as little as 400 LPH (Litres Per Hour) at 100 bar of pressure.

Subsequently they make economic and ecological sense and are enjoyable to use as well as doing a very good job. 

* assuming you use them efficiently and don't leave them running when not in use. 
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