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Should I buy a snow blower? Follow

That really depends on how prepared you want to be. Snow can be a real hazard.
Even a small fall of snow can shut you in your home, block your car from getting out, shut down your business or cause slippage risks. 
It is acknowledged that in the UK we have often let the weather shut us down, but that attitude has been changing.
If you are a Doctor you need to get out to the surgery and your patients, if you are a fire-fighter you need to get to the station, in fact whoever you are you will want to keep calm and carry on, get to work, take your kids to school, which will also be trying to keep it's doors open.
If you are a business you need to stay open, protect your visitors and staff from potential accidents and keep running.  
Clearing snow, even a small amount, is a physical and time consuming task and if it is a fact that snow blowers make clearing snow far quicker, easier, more efficient and far less strain on the back than clearing with a spade or even a snow shovel.

Snow blowers can usually, in the case of dual-stage blowers, break up compacted snow and even ice. They are efficient and easy to use. 

In fact, clearing with a snow blower can be quite an enjoyable, if cold, experience. 

So it is definitely worth thinking about.  Being prepared is always a sensible option.

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