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Preparing and laying a turf lawn Follow

You don’t have to start your new lawn with seeds of course, as it is possible to lay down turf and grow from there. Some of the steps are similar.
When you have worked out the size and position of your intended lawn, it is not a bad idea to mark it out.

You need a minimum depth of 10.0cm of well turned over soil with an even tilth. 
Here is a simple step by step guide
  1. Remove any stones, weeds and obstacles that are on or near the surface
  2. Break up clumps at surface level
  3. Level the soil with a soil rake
  4. Flatten the site with a lawn and garden roller (full or half full) 
  5. Lay your rolls of turf
  6. Press the turf down gently with a light empty roller, (preferably a poly cylinder) or the back of a rake or similar to remove any air pockets...NB: DO NOT USE A STEEL OR FILLED GARDEN ROLLER AT THIS STAGE
  7. Now neaten the edges with edging shears, clippers or a knife
  8. Irrigate well and keep on watering throughout the early growth
      As a rule try not to over roll a new lawn.


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