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Preparing and sewing a new lawn Follow

Sewing a new lawn can be a laborious and fiddly process and being methodical and organised will prove very helpful. Here are a few tips to help you with this task.
Remember – all grass is not the same. Think carefully about what sort of lawn you would like, check out different types of grass and their needs and characteristics

Here's a step by step guide of tips for getting the most out of the process
  1. Check the PH of your soil to see what kind of grass will thrive
  2. Remove obstacles like rocks, branches and other detritus from the soil you are going to sew on
  3. Break up any large lumps or clumps of soil – you can use a tiller for this
  4. Make sure the soil is level, perhaps with a soil rake
  5. Roll the soil completely flat with a Garden Roller (filled for maximum pressure)
  6. Sew your seeds
  7. Use the Garden Roller (empty now for a more gentle roll) to smooth the seeds into the soil
  8. Irrigate your seeds and keep on watering throughout the growth
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