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Wheeled grass trimmers/trimmer mowers Follow

MD wheeled trimmer mower
These machines are sturdy, easy to handle walk-behind machines capable of tackling large areas, meadows, paddocks, orchards or just larger gardens. 
Requiring considerably less effort than a hand held grass trimmer or brushcutter, these efficient wheeled grass trimmers range from line trimmers with heavy duty line, ready to cut large patches of grass and weeds, up to very powerful, multi-functional machines with Briggs and Stratton engines.
Many of these powerful wheeled grass trimmers/trimmer mowers can be fitted with not just lines but special attachments that will drill holes for bulb planting and even strong chainsaw style blades which will cut saplings and hard and thick woody growth.
Ready to clear pathways in meadows, clean up an overgrown paddock and tame apparently neglected wilderness, these machines are all petrol powered, with large, stable and smooth running wheels and can tackle growth on banks and hills where a lawn mower might have problems. 
 Delivering cutting widths of around the 50cm mark and cutting heights of between 3.5 and 11 cm, often with adjustable handlebars for comfort, folding handlebars for easy storage and transport and some even supplied with safety gear, these are a great alternative to hand held machines if you have a lot of growth to deal with and a larger area to manage. 
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