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Cordless/battery powered grass trimmers Follow

Cordless Battery Powered Grass Trimmer
Like electric grass trimmers, cordless battery powered grass trimmers are quiet, maintenance free and produce no harmful emissions. They are also easy to operate and require no filling and maintenance but they have the added advantage of  ‘go anywhere’ operation.
Cordless/battery powered tools like this are becoming increasingly more attractive due to exponential improvements in battery technology. Thanks to these developments they are becoming  considerably more powerful than they used to be. They are also lighter, with faster charging times and no discharge of power when left unused for weeks, even months.
Cordless/battery powered grass trimmers are either powered by Lithium Ion batteries (the most up to date) Lead Acid or NiCad batteries. 
They are ideal for cutting lawn edges, small patches of grass, maintaining borders and are great for cutting in tight or awkward spaces, under bushes, on patios or garden steps. 
At the high end of the cordless battery models, there are even machines which offer performance equal to mains electric grass trimmers, trimming up to 1000m on one charge, although these models tend to be in the higher price bracket. 
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