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General care for your mower - simple but essential tips Follow

Buying a lawn mower is one thing; buying the right one and keeping it working efficiently is another. Many people buy lawn mowers without thinking it through, often buying the wrong type or size, or not carrying out basic maintenance all of which is tantamount to throwing your money into a big pit and setting fire to it. 
Certainly lawn mowers can, and do, go wrong from time to time, but experience tells us that a great many problems result from incorrect use, buying unsuitable machines, lack of preparation or simple maintenance.
Of course, sometimes accidents happen, like running over your own cable, but a bit of thought and care can help avoid even this kind of thing.
Whether it is on a week by week, or a season to season basis,  caring for your lawn mower is a vital part of ownership and means your machine will last longer and perform better. 
What we want, here at MowDirect, is for you to avoid the hassle of having to call your supplier and return your mower, meaning you are without it, only to find out it would have been easy to avoid or fix in the first place.  
So remember...
  1. Read your manual carefully. Keep it nearby for reference. Many manuals are printed in several languages so, to save time, why not bookmark the english pages you will need. Alternatively, take the english pages out and bind them separately.  
  2. Check your machine regularly. Make sure all joints are kept oiled. Check the contacts on your battery, if the mower has one, check the oil and if you have an electric mower, check connections and cables.  
  3. Don't leave it out in the rain. Store your mower in a dry, cool place at all times, especially over winter. 
  4. Clean your machine regularly, including the cutting deck. Remember organic debris can release moisture potentially corroding your mower. If your mower has a hose connection, rinse the deck after every cut. Make absolutely sure your machine is clean and dry before storing it for long periods.  
  5. Make sure you keep the engine topped up with oil and fuel and NEVER leave the fuel in it over the winter or for more than a fortnight without fuel stabiliser as it can do damage to your engine. 
  6. Only ever use fresh, unleaded fuel
  7. Keep nuts and bolts lubricated, tight and clean during the season. 
  8. Keep the blades sharp, sharpen at the end, or beginning, of the season.  
  9. Remove blockages when and if they occur. 
  10. Store your machine in a dry, sheltered place between uses and over the winter.
  11. If possible, cover your mower when not in use.
  12. Do get your mower serviced regularly if possible. Many people forget to do this and then wonder why manufacturers will not honour their warranties. Inevitably, pretty much ALL warranties are dependent on a regular (yearly) service. 

Simple care and basic maintenance will keep your machine going for longer and ensure it last season to season.  

There are a number of more detailed articles in this section that deal with common lawnmower problems including  My mower won't start and My mower isn’t cutting properly 
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