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“My mower cuts out halfway across the lawn”. Follow

If this happens with your electric mower, the odds are very good that grass is collecting and clogging up the deck, meaning the mower is having to work too hard, so it shuts down.

This can happen easily if the grass is damp or wet or if the deck hasn’t been cleaned out. Make sure there is no grass clogged up in the deck before you start each mowing session. That will stop the accumulation of detritus.  

If the mower does shut down, switch off, unplug and clean out the deck thoroughly. Then start again, not forgetting to reset the breaker switch if you have one.

There is another possible factor as well. Have you accidentally yanked the cable out of the socket when you turned the corner by the shed or has your eldest teenager unplugged the mower so they can charge their swanky new smart phone?  
This is always worth checking first, as are possible loose connections. 
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