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“My mower isn’t cutting properly” Follow

A frequent cry for help. It is very likely caused buy the blades being worn down and dulled due to simple wear and tear from use. If your blades are blunted they won’t cut properly, and can damage the lawn by yanking out grass rather than cutting it, so check them.

To do this, make sure the machine is off and unplugged if electric or spark plug removed and tank emptied if petrol and turn it upside down or on its side.  You will soon see if the blades are blunted.

To sharpen them, make sure you immobilise them first by using something to stop them moving, a block of wood for example, and try using a large file. Or take them to be sharpened professionally.
In order to sharpen them, follow these instructions, courtesy of quality lawn mower  manufacturer Toro (see image below).
Don't forget if sharpening normal blades they need to be balanced so just filing one side is not a good idea. If you have any doubt about blades or how to sharpen do not attempt it and seek professional advice. 

Clear the lawn before cutting.
One way to avoid excessive wear on your blades is to make sure that you are not regularly cutting through branches and other detritus.
This also prevents debris being thrown around.  Why not make it a pocket money job for the kids… after all half of what’s on the lawn will probably have come from their toy cupboard! 
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