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Wheeled garden leaf and litter vacuums Follow

Wheeled Garden Leaf and Litter Vacuums are, effectively, large, powerful outdoor vacuum cleaners with a built in shredding turbine. They are designed to suck up, shred and collect leaves and garden debris from large areas like domestic tennis courts, paths, drives, lawns, decking, patios and yards.
With working vacuum widths of up to 84cm, powerful petrol engines and large collection bags for the leaves and debris, these vacuums can be height adjustable so you can raise it and avoid picking up unwanted material and work on surfaces like, for example, gravel or pebbles without danger or damage, and then lower it for use on very flat surfaces. 
Most domestic wheeled leaf and litter vacuums are manually propelled and are designed to lift only leaves, twigs, clippings and similar, but the larger, more powerful professional models will pick up and crush or shred objects such as cans and even glass bottles. They are sometimes fitted with hose accessories for clearing up flowerbeds and under bushes. 
The KV650H Estate Series from Billy Goat
Larger, pro' models are self-propelled and suitable for use by property management companies, small estates, car parks, schools and other local authority premises and have a large, metal impeller to break up rubbish and can even deal with drinks cans and bottles. 
Some very advanced models even have a built in chipper so you can pick up and shred large branches as you go. 
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