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What is a hand propelled lawnmower? Follow

First of all, we should differentiate between hand propelled and push lawnmowers. As defined by the experts at MowDirect, a push lawn mower is a powered mower that is not self-propelled, so the electrify or petrol powers the cutting action, whereas a hand propelled mower is a mower where the movement as well as the cutting action is powered by the pushing action. (See image below)
A Hand Propelled Lawn Mower In Action
Hand propelled lawnmowers have a very simple mechanism. They are cylinder mowers, which means that as you push the mower across the grass, the wheels turn a cylinder of sharp blades, which pass closely to a static blade, initiating a smart and clean scissor cut . 
Subsequently, the faster you push the faster the cut. The cut is tighter and neater than a rotary mower as they do not tear the grass out. They are ideal for small flat lawns. Below is an another example of a modern, high quality hand-propelled cylinder mower
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