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What types of cultivator, rotavator or tiller are available? Follow

Here is a basic list of the types available. More detailed information can be found in the individual articles. 
Cultivators, tillers and rotavators can be broken down into several categories. Here they are with an photographic example of each type.
1.Electric Tillers 
                                                    2.Petrol Micro Tillers
3.Petrol Mini Tillers
                                                                4.Petrol Front Tine Tillers
5.Petrol Rear Tine Tillers
Categories 1 - 4 are generally used for preparing and cultivating soil for seeding or to break up weeds primarily on soil that is already broken.
Category 5, Petrol Rear Tine Tillers, can do this but are primarily used to break up ‘virgin’ ground, in order to convert it from one use to another (lawn to vegetable garden for example)
N.B.1For simplicity we have called these machines ‘tillers’ in the articles where their titles appear, but they are sometimes referred to as cultivators or even rotavators.
N.B.2There are also two-wheel tractors available that sometimes come with rotary cultivator attachments. These are discussed and detailed elsewhere.See Two-Wheel Tractors in our Other Garden Machinery section 
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