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Dos and Don'ts of snow blower use Follow

Snow blowers, like any other powered machine or tool, should be treated with respect. In order to avoid accidents, do please follow these simple dos and don'ts. 
1. Do make sure the machine is switched off completely before carrying out any maintenance. (switched off and unplugged if electric, switched off and spark plugs removed if petrol) 
2. Don't ever try to clear blockages with your hand, use a broom handle, a plastic shovel, anything but your hand. (Some models come with a clearing tool)
3. Do make sure you are properly wrapped up and protected against the cold. It can be tempting to think you'll just pop out and clear and not prepare properly but it can be very dangerous. 

4. Don't point the snow exit chute at people or animals. The snow stream can be travelling at a very high speed and if one small hard object has been picked up with it, even a chunk of ice, it could be very harmful to a human or a pet. 
5. Do be very careful when clearing gravel, shingle or pebbled areas as you could easily end up casting high volumes of stones at cars, windows or passers by.  With a dual-stage, and make sure your skid-shoes (height adjusters) are adjusted properly before starting. 
N.B. A single-stage machine is not generally appropriate for gravel or shingle clearing.

6. Don't use any machine like this without seriously thinking about safety goggles and ear protection, such as ear-muffs,  particularly if you are working for longer periods. A safety helmet wouldn't go amiss either. 

7. Do make sure your garden, drive, yard etc is clear of any large obstacles if possible. 
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