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Water pressure. A general guide to cleaning requirements Follow

The pressure you need to clean really depends on the job you wish to do and how ingrained the dirt is. The water pressure suitable for cleaning, ranges from 100 bar for a simple task - perhaps cleaning your bicycle weekly, to 110 bar for a dirty car or a fence all the way up to 120 or 130 bar for removing really stubborn grime from brickwork or a stained patio.  
Here is a a rough guide to approximate pressure requirements.
Light Cleaning Tasks  - 100 bar Pressure Washers 
  • Garden equipment 
  • Garden furniture, tools, barbecues, 
  • Bicycles
  • Motorbikes, motor scooters, mopeds
  • Children’s pedal cars, scooters, 
  • Rubbish bins
Medium Cleaning Tasks - 110 bar Pressure Washers 
  • Cleaning out guttering, pipe work
  • Cars, caravans, flat bed trucks, houseboats
  • Swimming pools, Jacuzzis, paddling pools
Tougher Cleaning Tasks - 110-130 bar Pressure Washers
  • Paths, driveways and patios
  • Brick, stone and concrete walls
  • Roof tiles Garden decking
  • Garden ponds
Obviously the length of time and pressure these items will require is affected by the intensity of the dirt or stains and the gap since the last clean.
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