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Professional chipper or shredders? Follow

Professional chipper or shredders?
Professional chipper or shredders are heavy-duty machines, with very powerful petrol engines, and are capable of tackling large chipping and shredding tasks and larger, thicker branches. 
They frequently include enhanced functions and features such as tow bars, enabling them to be used on large estates and forests and towed around to where they are needed.
They are tough and durable, have large, very substantial, cutting flywheels and will often feature separate mechanisms for chipping, mills or drums fitted with multiple chipping hammers, to carry out efficient high-speed chipping. 

Professional chipper or shredders made by the company Eliet are considerably different from most other Pro Chippers and Shredders, and deserve a separate mention since they have a totally unique, patented chopping system.
This is called the ELIET Chopping Principle and involves a large number of blades, like miniature hatchets, which cut with the grain, using the vulnerability of the wood itself to help chip it and create uniform sized chips. 
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