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Silent or quiet electric garden shredders Follow

Electric silent or quiet garden shredders are effective and powerful machines, designed to break down garden waste material by a ‘crushing and cutting’ method.
They use strong metal cogs, rollers or drums, which turn slower than the blades of electric impact garden shredder, trapping the material against a counter rolling drum, cog or a static plate, crushing as well as cutting the branches, leaves or clippings.*
This method has various advantages. It makes this type of garden shredders considerably quieter than the impact system and therefore means they are suitable for use in suburban and built up areas. 
This method also means that the quiet garden shredders are automatically self-feeding and can feature a reverse gear so any material that becomes stuck can be fed backwards to loosen it.  
Here is an example  of a silent or quiet garden shredder. This machine from Einhell has a special roller cutting unit which quiet when working and lets large amounts of material enter the machine through its wide hopper mouth . 
*N.B. A few silent or quiet electric garden shredders, like the highly innovative Eliet Electric range, use patented blade systems like multiple discs and multiple or spiral blades or to achieve the same quiet operation and high level of cutting efficiency. The Einhell model above is a good example with its patented roller system.
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