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Petrol mini tillers Follow

A Petrol Mini Tiller
Also ideal for small to medium vegetable gardens, flowerbeds and ½ size allotment plots (known as five pole)* 

Petrol mini tillers come with reliable 4-stroke engines, which are less noisy than comparable 2-stroke engines as well as cleaner and considerably more fuel-efficient.
They are easy to move and manoeuvre, and usually come with a centrally located transport wheel, as well as height adjustable handles enabling the operator to work at the most comfortable height and position. This wheel flips up during work and can be engaged when finished. 
Petrol mini tillers usually come with depth gauges, a kind of bar at the rear which is adjustable and enables you to alter the tiller’s working depth.
They generally have easy to operate, handlebar mounted controls and a forward gear. 
*MD FACTFILE A full sized allotment/plot is known as a ten pole. The derivation of this name comes from the stick that a ploughman’s boy had to use to control the oxen pulling the plough.  The pole was measured as the length from the rear of the plough up to the nose of the ox).
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