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Should I choose double-sided or single-sided hedgetrimmers? Follow

Double-Sided Hedgetrimmers and Single-Sided Hedgetrimmers are operated in slightly different ways and both have advantages over each other.
Double-sided hedgetrimmers, as they can be moved and cut from side to side, are ideal when gentle or simple shaping is required and can be used for topiary, whereas single-sided hedgetrimmers are great for long efficient sweeping cuts over larger or multiple hedges.
Single-sided hedgetrimmers produce a more even cut and finish on larger, flat front faces of the hedge due to the single-sweeping motion.
Let’s have a brief look at this sub category of single-sided and double-sided models . 
Double-Sided Hedgetrimmers are more common than single-sided hedgetrimmers and most domestic, and all electric, hedge trimmers are double-sided. 
This means the cutting action is on both sides and the action is a gentle sweep to either side. 
Single-Sided Hedgetrimmers are often used by professionals and are designed to be used in a uni-directional sweeping  arc, not backwards and forwards in the way that most double-sided machines are operated.
They are petrol powered and are ideal for use on large or multiple hedges, and usually carry such features as a clippings collector, which will collect clippings and direct them toward the ground so you don’t have to pull them out of the hedge. 
Single-sided hedgetrimmers are generally lighter than comparative sized double-sided models so can be used for longer periods with less discomfort.
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