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A brief guide to petrol hedgetrimmers Follow

There is probably a wider range of petrol hedgetrimmers than of any of the other categories. The general cost of the petrol models has dropped significantly in recent years, offering a wider price range and opening up this range to more people. 
In general petrol models are more powerful than comparative electric models both mains powered or cordless battery powered. 
They are not restricted by cables and access to mains electricity, and like the cordless battery powered versions are ‘go anywhere’, as long as there is a supply of fuel. They generally have heavier-duty blades than electric models.
Petrol hedgetrimmers generally come with double-action, reciprocating blades, (two fast moving blades crossing each other) for an efficient and clean cut. 
Petrol hedgetrimmers are available in single-sided and double-sided format. Double-sided models are more suitable for smaller hedges, domestic properties and the action is side to side.
Single-sided hedgetrimmers only cut to one side, so are operated with a sweeping arc motion across the face or top of the hedge. Professionals favour them and they tend to be slightly longer and lighter than double-sided models, for more coverage and more comfort when used for longer.
Advanced features such as rotating handles will often be found on petrol hedge trimmers although this feature would only be found on double-sided models.
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