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Petrol curved shaft grass trimmers Follow

A Petrol Curved Shaft Grass Trimmer
Pretty much aimed at the smaller to medium domestic market, albeit with the advantages of a powerful petrol engine, petrol curved shaft grass trimmers are made to edge and neaten lawns, borders and small patches of weeds, perhaps nettles in the corner of your garden. 
With engines ranging from 25cc up to the 40-55cc mark, they are a great, powerful alternative to both electric and cordless shaft grass trimmers.

Unlike mains powered models they are not restricted by cables or mains electricity and unlike battery-powered models they will run for as long as you have fuel. 
The curved shaft design of these trimmers is included to make edging lawns easier and this style of trimmer nearly always comes with an easy to use looped secondary handle.
They are not designed to take on heavy weeds, thistles and brambles or large, dense and overgrown areas, but will tackle ordinary grass and weeds very efficiently indeed.
Many now produce far fewer emissions than in previous years and are remarkably fuel-efficient.
Most petrol curved shaft grass trimmers are powered by 2-stroke petrol engines, which offer plenty of power and are fairly easy to use, although there are also some 4-stroke models available. *
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