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Electric grass trimmers - the basics Follow

An Electric Grass Trimmer
These are mains electric powered and range from single line basic models, designed for small gardens all the way up to dual-line grass trimmers suitable for larger areas.

Electric grass trimmers will handle small lawns, small patches of weeds, maybe nettles and are also ideal for tidying small borders.

These machines are also great for getting into awkward spaces, under seats or into corners. Some have tilting or angled heads to help with this and electric grass trimmers can cut and trim on paths, steps, terraces and decks without damage.

Like all handheld tools ergonomic design is important and balance and weight can make a huge difference to how easy they are to use and how long you can comfortably use them.  

Electric Grass trimmers are generally lightweight and easy to use and vary in power from smaller models producing 200-300watts up to 100-watt machines.

As you move up through the ranges you will find models with rotating heads so you can use them for efficient lawn edging and adjustable handles for more comfortable and efficient use.

At the top end of the range, models are likely to have heavy duty drive systems and metal shafts.

And of course, being mains electric powered tools, noise is lower making them ideal for use in residential areas, emissions are non-existent and maintenance is virtually zero. 
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