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A brief guide to electric chainsaws Follow

Electric chainsaws are ideal for domestic use, and are generally suitable for working on smaller premises, for lighter duties such as making small quantities of firewood, small-scale limbing, light brush-cutting and small tree maintenance. 

Smaller electric chainsaws, or ‘hobby’ chainsaws, are light and small and ideal for working in restricted space.

Most electric chainsaws are not designed for use on very thick branches or for serious limbing and felling, though there are a few powerful models available for this. 

On of the major advantages of electric chainsaws is that, due to their lack of emissions, they can be used inside, in workshops, garages, and woodsheds; even in the home. 

They are low maintenance, requiring no re-fuelling and generally have a lower noise output than petrol models, making them suitable for urban or suburban use. 

electric chainsaws vary widely in their power and features, from small domestic models with electric motors outputting around 1700w up to models producing 2200W and more. 

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