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Push or tow-behind spreader. Which is best for me? Follow

Let's look at the differences. 

•  Push Garden Spreaders – where you walk behind the garden spreader pushing along. You need to keep up a brisk pace (around 3 MPH is usually recommended) to distribute in an even and wide pattern. 

•  Tow-Behind Garden Spreaders – These garden spreaders are made with a hitch pin or another form of towing connector at the front so they can be attached to ATVS, ride-on mowers; and other kinds of vehicle. 

So the answer is dependant on the area you are going to be spreading on and on your budget.

Use as push type spreader if you are spreading on an area near your property or business but if you need to travel a long way to spread, or the area you are covering is very big and too tiring to walk, a tow behind garden spreader may be right for you.

And of course, for a tow-behind spreader you will need an appropriate vehicle.  

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