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"My mower’s self-propulsion is not working properly". Follow

Obviously, this is only relevant if you have bought a self-propelling mower, if you haven’t there’s your answer right there. Believe me, people have been known to make that mistake. Check the reviews throughly before you buy a mower if you are looking for a self-propelled model.

However, most self-propulsion failure seems to be caused by user error and this can be down to a number of reasons.

Blunt blades can affect the self-propulsion as can a clogged deck. Check the deck for clumps and check the blades (see 'My mower isn't cutting properly'

Some users don’t use the clutch correctly, not letting it go it when making hard turns, this can affect the self-propulsion quite severely. 

Also, when there is more than one speed available, some careful thought about which speed to sue after considering grass length and terrain will reduce strain on the drive.

Finally, try to keep the transmission lubricated and unclogged. 

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