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What are the advantages of a sawbench with a built in saw? Follow

A Sawbench with a built in saw is ideal if you have the space for a freestanding static cutting tool and is safer to use than a stand-alone chainsaw, being fixed and enclosed, with two-hand operation to keep arms and hands away from the cutting edge. 

It reduces the need for any lifting or carrying of a heavy chainsaw, or other saw, so there is less potential strain on back and arms.

It's easy to set up and operate and the saw will usually have can electric motor, so there are  no emissions, low or no maintenance and quiet running, especially compared to a petrol chainsaw. 

This means it can be used in residential areas without too much disturbance. Due to its lack of emissions it can also be used indoors, in a workshop or garage, whereas a petrol chainsaw cannot. 

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