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Electric hand held garden blower vacs Follow

Electric Hand Held Garden Blower Vacs are lightweight, quieter than petrol models, emission free and require no maintenance. 
The more basic models have a tube which doubles as blower and vacuum exit/entrance and a lever is fitted which quickly changes the functions.
More advanced models will have swappable tubes, with a wider one for the vacuuming function. 
When in blowing mode electric hand held garden blower vacs can produce a powerful stream of air with speeds around 200 to 400 kph or more. This air stream is concentrated and directable so you can aim it and disperse leaves and create a pile, or just move them from the area. 
In vacuum mode, these blower vacs suck up the leaves and shred them, usually reducing them to around a tenth of their volume. This is done with a fan or impellor, which spins very fast to shred the material. 
A collecting bag is usually included for the material. This can be removed when in blowing mode, so the machine is lighter when using this function.
The fan/impellor in these models is often plastic but on some of the more advanced models it will be metal and capable of shredding harder material like acorns, pine cones or small twigs.  
Some of these garden blower vacs are able to separate harder material and store it, while shredding the softer material. 
All electric hand held garden blower vacs come with a shoulder strap for ease and comfort.
 An Electric Hand Held Garden Blower vac
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