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Moving air - specs' and terms we use with garden vacuums and blowers Follow

Whichever way you look at it blowing or vacuuming are about moving air, either drawing it in or firing it out. Subsequently, the speed or velocity of the air moved is what is important in these machines, as well as the volume of air shifted. 

Blowers - airspeed/velocity can be measured in many ways, KPH (Kilometres Per Hour) (MPH (Miles Per Hour) MPS (Metres Per Second) and sometimes metres per hour. 
For the purposes of our articles and reviews we use the KPH (Kilometres Per Hour) for velocity and M3 (metres cubed per minute) Per Minute (M3 PM) for the  volume of air moved by our leaf blowers

Vacs (blower vacs, wheeled vacs etc) it is the volume of air drawn in that matters. This is often measured in cubic metres per hour (M3 P/H)  or per second (M3 P/S) 
For the purposes of our articles and reviews we use the Metres Per Second (MPS) measurement for suction by our blower-vacs and wheeled vacs
Shredding ratio:  This is very important. You can get far more into a bag if the fragments are chopped smaller, reducing air space between the pieces.

Also, the smaller the pieces, the better compost they make. 

The ratios used in our articles and reviews are illustrated like so - 10:1 or 5:1 or 3:1 This means the volume of the material becomes a tenth a fifth or a 3rd of what it was before shredding. (See image below)

The higher the ratio, the smaller the pieces and, generally, the more efficient the shredder.  

Debris collectors: Our collectors capacities are measured in litres, (L or l) like our lawn mower grass collectors  

If you wish to learn more about our models, see the range here  - Garden vacuums, blowers and sweepers
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