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Why would I need a garden vacuum, blower or sweeper? Follow

If you have trees in, or near, your garden or property that will shed leaves onto your lawn, or if you hold regular events where there is a build up of rubbish; you may well be thankful for a good quality lawn vacuum, leaf sweeper or leaf blower. 
                  Billy Goat Lawn Sweeper
There are many advantages to using one, apart from generally tidying your property in a low effort, quick and efficient way. 
                                                        Stihl Backpack Leaf Blower
The leaves you blow or collect can be utilised as compost or mulch, useful for warming and feeding your vegetable plots or flower beds and, once worked, highly beneficial to your garden. 
                              Stihl Garden Vacuum
And don’t forget that leaves left lying around on your lawn are not just unsightly mess, but can be a slip hazard on paths, driveways, decking or patios. they can also block light and nutrients from getting to your lawn as well as harbouring pests and disease. 
For more information on the perils or leaves on the lawn, please see the article 'Why do I need to clear up leaves?' in our Leaf Clearance section or the article 'Leaves on the lawn - a hidden danger' in our Lawn Care section 
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