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Petrol hand held leaf blowers Follow

Petrol Hand Held Leaf Blowers are dedicated single function machines, designed to dissipate  leaf and garden detritus, also blowing dirt, dust and debris very efficiently, using all the power of the engine.
Used to clear larger areas, they are capable of clearing gardens, tennis courts, playgrounds and forecourts with a very powerful stream of air.  You will often see park and garden contractors and contract gardeners using these machines, either simply removing leaves from an area or moving them and piling them. 
As mentioned elsewhere in this section,  leaves left lying on the lawn can be very detrimental, blocking important light, nutrition and water and potentially becoming a breeding area for pests and should be removed as soon as possible. 
Most of these blowers are lightweight and easy to handle, with balance being very important, as you need to move the blowers around very easily, rather like using a garden hose, to direct the air stream where you need it. 
With powerful petrol engines of around 24-26cc and air speeds generated at around 217 – 241 KPH, these simple but effective blowers are even capable of shifting leaves that are wet and sticky. 
There are both 2-stroke and 4-stroke versions of Petrol Hand Held Leaf Blowers available.  The 4-stroke versions are a little quieter whereas the 2-stroke offer more torque. For more information on the differences, see our 2-stroke and 4-stroke information later in this guide. 
A Petrol Hand Held Leaf Blower
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