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How do I know when my chainsaw needs sharpening? Follow


There are dozens of differing opinions on how often you need to sharpen your blades, some say every three trees, and others say every 10 uses and the debate goes on. 

The simple fact is that if you stay alert and aware and keep an eye on your chainsaw’s performance you should be able to tell when it needs sharpening because it just won’t be working as well.

Here are a couple of indicators to help you know when your chainsaw needs sharpening 

  • When it is taking more physical effort to cut through wood, and you are having to use pressure
  • When you are producing fine sawdust rather than squarish shaped wood-chips when cutting. 

It is worth noting that regular cutting of hard woods will blunt the chain quicker, as will cutting in dirty conditions, or catching it on rocks or stones 


* N.B. this is not good for the Chainsaw for more reasons than just the sharpness of your chain- the sawdust can clog up your filters and cause other problems

So make sure you keep your chain sharp and either sharpen it yourself (see How do I sharpen my chainsaw?) nor take it to a professional sharpener. 

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