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What are garden carts and trailers made of? Follow

Garden carts and trailers are generally constructed from Polypropylene (PP) or Steel, sometimes both.
Both steel and polypropylene have their own advantages. 
Polypropylene is known for its all weather usability, since it is waterproof, rust resistant and so avoids any problems from corrosion. It is also quiet when it comes to throwing bricks, stones and other heavy objects into a PP constructed Garden Trailer or Cart as it does not ‘clang’ like a steel model would.  
Steel, on the other hand, has a traditional smart appearance and is strong and durable. Steel garden carts and trailers will usually be easily to transport as they have bases that you can disassemble for ease. In addition, they will they often come with a practical and useful drop tailgate. Galvanised steel adds extra protection. 
N.B. They are not always steel or PP. There are also some carts and trailers with wooden sides and other plastics are sometimes used. 
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