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Some tips for getting the best out of your aerator Follow

Some tips for getting the best out of your aerator
  • Try to keep your aerators blades or tines clean and free from old soil and mud for maximum efficiency. The inside of hollow tines particularly can get clogged up and ineffective if not regularly sluiced out.
  • Keep the oil topped up and never let it run out. This can damage your engine. 
  • Some experts advise that after aerating with a hollow tine aerator, you should leave the plugs/cores of earth on the grass and let them dry out before raking them into the lawn to break down and help provide micro organisms to further breakdown thatch. However, others suggest that thatch can back into the lawn from these plugs and they can be unsightly so you might want to rake them up and put them on a compost heap. 
  • Water your lawn before you do any aerating, but don’t water too heavily. This is because aerating works best when the ground is soft and moist but NOT muddy.
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