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How to get a greener lawn - just mowing is not enough! Follow

A health, verdant and lush lawn is the Shangri La of most keen lawn enthusiasts and there are many ways to achieve it.
Regular mowing, raking up a few leaves and keeping your lawn free of detritus will, of course, help, but simply carrying out these obvious, though essential, tasks will not necessarily provide you with the perfect green and pleasant lawn you want. 

There are are a number of other, easily performed tasks, like aerating and scarifying, using the right equipment, that will go a long way to creating the perfect lawn. 

Lawns and lawn care can be complex and demanding, but if you do a little bit more than the odd mow and a quick rake, you will undoubtedly be rewarded with a greener, leaner, healthier and more attractive lawn. 

Please read more of our lawn care articles, or look at our scarifying and aerating articles in the Buying Guides  category if you want to learn more about our advanced lawn care solutions. 
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