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What additional features might I find on a portable petrol generator? Follow

  • Portable Petrol Generators sometimes come with fuel tank safety bars to protect the machine itself
  • Some advanced Portable Petrol Generators feature an oil safety cut to prevent damage in case your oil level runs down
  • Electric start – an effort saving device that can prevent a long period fruitlessly  pulling a recoil chord, particularly useful if your hands are cold or you are feeling tired. 
  • More powerful semi-pro models should come with some kind of commercial warranty
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) or an Inverter –system that controls and regulates fluctuation in current, enabling the generator to power sensitive equipment like computers or TVs
  • A circuit breaker to protect the writing from overload or surge damage 
  • Multiple-rated voltage outputs – for flexibility, some generators offer a choice, e.g. 120v/240v depending on your requirements
  • Multiple output sockets – some generators offer 16amp and 32amp sockets
  • Low oil alert system to protect engine from damage

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