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How noisy are portable petrol generators? Follow

This is a good question. You need to look after your hearing and all power equipment is noisy to a certain extent.

However, these days, with advanced muffling systems, enclosed designs sound damping and advanced anti-vibration systems, generators are getting ever quieter. 
Here is a list of our top 5 quietest generators. 
As a reference, it is worth knowing that city traffic sits at around 80dB(A) and a normal conversation at 60dB(A), the same as an air conditioning unit at 100ft. 
Generator sound levels are usually measured at a distance of 7 metres
Honda EU26i            = 49 - 58dB(A)
Honda EU10i            = 52 -58dB(A)
Honda EU20i            = 52 -58dB(A)
Loncin LC2000i-S     = 61dB(A)
Loncin LC2000i        = 61dB(A)
N.B. As part of compliance with EEC H&S rules and regulations, generators are marked min' LWA which is a measurement from a different distance.

The Honda EU20i , for example is rated at 52dBA @ 7 metres but on the LWA scale this is equal to about 88dB(A)
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