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The Top 10 Dos and Don'ts of running a generator Follow

Here is a rundown of essential dos and don’ts for safely running your generator.

DON'T start without reading  the manual. A generator is a very serious bit of kit and needs careful handling. 

DO make sure the generator is not running inside a dwelling or an enclosed space 

DON'T store or transport the generator with petrol in it if you can avoid it. 

DO switch it off when moving, refuelling or when not being used

DON'Tuse domestic cabling, especially if using outside. 

DO point the engine exhaust away from people the house, tent etc.

DON'T run the generator in an enclosed space without ventilation.

DO get a qualified electrician involved if you need to modify your generator or plug it into your mains system.

DON'T over load your generator. Be sensible about what you are running. For safety and economy, run the fewest things you can manage with and think about the essentials you need to keep going. Never overload your generator! 

DO make sure the generator is placed in a stable, safe environment.

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