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What types of wood can a powered log splitter handle? Follow

There is log splitter available for virtually every type of wood, but it’s important to know a little about different types, characteristics and strengths of wood so you can make an informed choice. 
Generally speaking, dense woods tend to require more power and more tons of pressure. 
Woods like Yew, Alder, Maple and Oak, Sycamore or Elm are considered to be ‘hard woods’ and will take more power and tonnage to split. In fact fruit tree woods in general are tough to split. 
Birch Ash, Hazel, Beech, Willow and Holly are relatively easy woods to split. 
NB: Fir is considered very easy to split and is a useful wood for beginners and/or for a less powerful log splitter.
See our  'Log Splitter's Guide To Wood'  for more information
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