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Is the weight of hedgetrimmers important? Follow

Yes. In fact weight and balance are arguably the most important considerations when choosing your hedge trimmers. Whether you are working for a long time, or a short session with hedgetrimmers, lightness of weight and good balance is vital. 
Cordless battery powered models are probably the lightest of the categories although it is a close run thing as mains powered electric hedgetrimmers are also fairly light. Petrol hedge trimmers are probably the heaviest models available. 
However, all manufacturers try to keep the weight down and get the balance right. If the machine is well balanced, the weight has less of a detrimental effect on shoulders, wrists and arms. 
With petrol machines particularly, as they are generally heavier, the power-weight ratio is very important. There is no point going for a little bit of extra power in your engine, if it increases the weight buy a large margin. 
When you are choosing your machine, it pays to think about how long each session of use is likely to be, and whether the weight of the machine will suit you and your physique and general fitness.  

All our reviews of hedgetrimmers offer detailed specs and, when the information been supplied by the manufacturer, will tell you the weight of each model.

Remember, for easy reference, one kilogram is roughly the weight of a bag of sugar. 

NB: For further information on bow to avoid stress and strain due to excessive use,please see the article - 'For how long can I use hedgetrimmers for before needing an break?' in our 'Safety section 
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