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A brief guide to long reach hedgetrimmers - with main features Follow

Long Reach Hedgtrimmers come in petrol, mains electricity and cordless battery powered versions.  Like the other categories of hedgetrimmers the benefits of each are similar
•  Electric Powered Long Reach Hedgetrimmers - no emissions, low noise,
require no maintenance and are low cost
•  Cordless Battery Powered Long Reach Hedgetrimmers – lightweight, ‘go
anywhere’, quick to charge, longer running times and do not leak
power so can be re-used without charging
•  Petrol Powered Long Reach Hedgetrimmers  – more powerful and ‘go
anywhere’ with a wider range.  
 All models are designed to cut, trim and shape hedges, shrubs and so on without the need for ladders or platforms, which can be unstable, expensive to hire or buy and time-consuming to move and climb. 
Low cost and easy to use, the electric and cordless battery powered models are ideal for small and medium sized properties. 
Once the domain of professionals, but now frequently priced within the reach of domestic users, Petrol Long Reach Hedgetrimmers  are powerful with heavy-duty blades and gearing, offering very efficient cutting. 
Some models are telescopic, which not only delivers flexibility, but also means that they are easier to store away when work has finished. 
NB: The features and functions you would expect from long reach hedgetrimmers are the same as you would find on other electric, cordless or petrol models, depending on your choice. i.e. powerful motors and engines, strong, precision ground blades, ergonomics, and comfort handles are all features to expect or watch out for.  
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