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Basic chainsaw engine maintenance Follow

Whether your chainsaw is electric or petrol powered, it is best practise to regularly inspect and check the engine or motor. 
As in all engines, neglect, dirt and wear will create problems with your chainsaw, so carry out regular checks and keep dust out of your engine. 
Electric Chainsaws need less maintenance than petrol powered models; so much of the following is aimed at the petrol Chainsaw owner. However, if you have an electric powered Chainsaw, you should regularly check your power cables for wear or fraying, check the connection to the Chainsaw and keep it all dust free as far as possible. 
The Air Filter
The Chainsaw needs air running through it efficiently to work, so checking the air filter regularly is important. A blocked air filter can cause excessive wear to the engine and even loss of power. 
Expert opinion on how often you need to check air filters differs from guide to guide, but it would be fairly reasonable to say you should check the filter after each 5 - 8 hours of use.  
If it is clogged, you can clean it with a soft brush or a soft cloth or rinse it gently with soapy water then dry it off. Be careful with it, as any hole will let dust into the carburettor. 
The Fuel/Oil Mix
Your petrol Chainsaw will need lubrication to run smoothly. A two- stroke engine will in almost all cases, power it. These need oil mixed with the fuel to lubricate the engine parts. This mix is generally recommended at 20-1.  Keep this mix right and your Chainsaw should perform well. 
The Fuel Tank
Your fuel needs to be clean to run the Chainsaw smoothly so check and clean out the fuel tank regularly. Perhaps once every few weeks if you are using the Chainsaw a great deal.
The oil reservoir also should be checked, and maybe cleaned out, regularly, as above.   
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