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How does a chainsaw work? Follow


There are two main elements to the workings of a chainsaw…

  1. The motor/engine. The motor or engine can be either electric or petrol
  2. The chain. The engine powers a rod, which moves a crankshaft, which in turn operates gears, which are connected to sprockets that spin a chain around on a guide bar. The chain is metal, a little similar to a bicycle chain but fitted with tough, sharpened teeth. The guide bar acts in the same way as a flywheel, with the chain revolving around it at speed. 

In addition, there are three  elements to the efficiency of a chainsaw…

  1. Engine power
  2. Chain speed
  3. Cutting blade quality

 The balance between these three will dictate how effective your Chainsaw is, when it comes to carrying out the work you want to do.  

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