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Three surprising essentials of chainsaw safety Follow

1. Fitness

Yes. Fitness. The HSE states very clearly that an individual needs to be "reasonably fit both physically and mentally” before attempting to use a chainsaw so, before you use yours, make sure you are feeling well, alert and are not suffering from the effects of alcohol and that you are not over tired. You should have chosen a chainsaw that is not too heavy for your physical strength (see our Chainsaw Buying Guide)  even so, take rests and avoid stretching or straining during use. 

2. Chainsaw selection

This may seem odd to include as a safety item, but knowing how much power you actually need,what features you require and will have, as well as what safety features there are and where and how your chainsaw is to be used at it’s best is an important part of buying and running a Chainsaw safely.

So consider why you need the saw, the kind of work you need it for and do not buy one that is more powerful than required, no matter how tempting it might be. (see our chainsaw buying guide)

3. Maintenance  

Maintenance is not just about looking after your chainsaw, a well-maintained model will look after you. Vital for safe use, the following tips can prevent the kind of problems that can occur from snapping chains and faulty engines - for more information see the articles in our 'Maintenance' section

  • Keep the blade sharpened, oiled and at the right tension 
  • Check the oil and petrol if your machine is petrol driven
  • Check the oil/fuel mix for a two stroke engine
  • Check all safety equipment like the chain brake and nose sprocket
  • Check all screws and nuts are tight


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