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What size cutting width do I need? Follow

Cutting width  Approx’ Lawn Size
60-70cm  500-2000 m2
70-80cm  1000-4000 m2
80- 90cm 2000-6000 m2
90-100cm 3000-8000 m2
100- 110cm 4000-10,000 m2
110-120cm 6000-15,000+ m2
120-130cm 8000-20,000+ m2


As ever with a question like this, it is partly down to the size of your garden and how fast you want to get your mowing done.

There is no point trying to mow a football pitch with a 30cm wide mower and, by the same token, you don’t really need to be driving a heavy-duty tractor with a 150cm cutting deck around a lawn the size of a large tablecloth.

Let’s assume, however that, since you are reading this, you are looking for a reasonably large ride-on mower or tractor and try to offer some basic guidelines.







Of course it is always worth remembering that the size of the cutting deck is not the only factor to consider. There is also the power of the engine and the size of the machine itself. Can you get it through the garden gate? Is it powerful enough to deal with the 45° angle of the slope on your lawn? All these issues, questions and more need careful thought. 

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