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Hand Propelled Lawn Mowers Follow

Your smart new hand propelled lawn mower will be arriving soon and we are anxious that you get the best performance out of it from the first time you use it.

Bearing that in mind, we have decided to send you some handy tips and advice, based on the kinds of questions we are regularly asked by new manual mower users.

Naturally, a hand propelled mower is a relatively low maintenance item. However, our aim is to ensure that you get smooth and efficient mowing from your new purchase and that you feel confident every time you use it. We hope you will find these tips useful.

1. Assembly: Your new mower will arrive ‘boxed' and there is a minimal element of assembly. This is usually limited to attaching the 'Handlebars' and 'Grass catcher' .

2. Preparation: Before you start mowing, check your lawn is clear of obstacles. Children’s toys, large sticks, half-bricks and similar. Metal toys, stones etc can blunt your blades and reduce cutting efficiency.

3. Storage: Make sure you store your mower in a dry place, covered if possible. Always give it a wipe over before storage and never store the mower away with grass or mud left on it (see below)

4. Performance: If you are having trouble collecting grass or you think the mower is not cutting properly, here are some things to consider.

  • Don’t try to cut very wet grass that as this will result in clogging and poor performance
  • If you have adjustable cutting height, check this is set correctly. If you are having trouble with the cutting and the mower feels sluggish, this could well be the problem.

5. Grass and Mud: Wet and rotting grass causes metal components to rust and grass and dirt in or around the blades can cause all sorts of problems. Always make sure you clean the cutting deck regularly and thoroughly.  You will probably need to tip the machine back to clear the deck from beneath. 

6. Servicing: Don’t forget that Annual Servicing is recommended by the manufacturers and is a requirement if you want to extend the guarantee beyond the first year.

And finally, we’d like to thank you for your custom. Hopefully these tips and guidelines will help you enjoy your new mower and get trouble free and satisfactory operation from it. However, if you do have any issues not covered by this letter, please contact us on 0345 4588 905


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